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24.02.2007, 19:37 von chris
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Reem (Gast)
Bild 19.07.2015, 06:30
Ο/Η evripidis λέει:Αρχικά τα <a href="http://gbxxhph.com">seicvres</a> σου θα τα βρεις στo User >Library >Services. Αν έχεις Lion και δεν γνωρίζεις για την User Library δες εδώ:Τέλος, υπήρξε ορθογραφικό από το plugin ΓκρρρρΈχεις κάπου ένα & το οποίο είναι απλά . Διορθώθηκε
Bild 19.07.2015, 06:30
Pitz (Gast)
Bild 16.07.2015, 12:54
hi lape,the nikon d5000 shouldn't be your first dslr,rather go for an entry level dslr,practise on it then you can <a href="http://xuietqerrx.com">grllauady</a> advance to something a bit more heavyi just started a photography crash course a couple of months ago but i can advice you to get like a nikon d3100 or the canon counterpart with the basic lens package and that will do wellyou could also check out this blog phono.net its awesome and filled with everything you ll like to know about photography.
Bild 16.07.2015, 12:54
Maria (Gast)
Bild 13.07.2015, 21:54
By 21 September, 2010 - 22:10What in the name of whatever can you pobissly need 4x the size of my first PC harddisk for just for a part of a game????? I could understand the *game* needing 4 gig (ish. Still a bit surreal!) but really!
Bild 13.07.2015, 21:54
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